Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gilbert Mendelsohn Redux

This past week I had the pleasure of using an animal communicator. I’ve used them in the past-from amazing results to readings of me scratching my head and saying a side show carney could have done a better job, but this particular communicator came so highly recommended that I plowed forward.

The universe works in mysterious ways. Of late, the customers who have been drawn to my business seem more spiritual than the past-or perhaps I’m creating that draw to them and the vibration is coming back full circle. One of my latest customers is a psychotherapist who specializes in past life recall-something fascinating to me because in this life, I’ve felt déjà vu over and over. Drowning seems to be an issue for me as well as going down stairs, but that’s another blog post. So, with the recommendation of this particular customer, I called Rebecca Moravec.
The first animal who was read was Jessie Mae, our unknown age senior yellow lab. Jessie has been having troubles with mobility lately and I wanted to make sure that we were providing her with the care she needs and not keeping her alive for our own benefit. She strongly told me (Jessie Mae, through Rebecca) that she will let me know when its time, and that she doesn’t want to be kept alive past her desired days….something hard to hear and yet a relief. She also went into great detail of how she wants to be laid to rest and what she wants after her cremation. With gushing tears I told her, through the communicator that I would be happy to honor her wishes and was grateful and thankful for all the love she has shown us over the years. A sad to think about, but necessary to plan.

Our second reading was for our new rescue-Rocket. Ever since the first time I laid eyes on him, I have felt a familiar connection with him-very different than any other animal I’ve met, or owned. Over the past six months Rocket has come out of his shell and trusts others-with me, he always did, unconditionally. Rocket and I are inseparable; he is by my side constantly, putting his gorgeous head on my desk and sits by me, endlessly. (the fact that he has hazel eyes, and 1” long eyelashes and so sweet makes for a great companion-he’s gorgeous in looks and spiritually) But I’ve felt something unique with Rocket and wanted to know what it was…..turns out, Rocket is a wise old soul-something which Rebecca has yet to see the likes of…and mentioned my father to me. Rocket seems to be the soul of my father …..and his purpose here is to protect me (well, lets face it…its the role of most dogs but I see something very unique in Rockets way of doing so. Rocket is poised to save my life one day, so I’m told. He wouldn’t tell her when, but he is sent from God to be here to make sure that I’m saved, spared, unharmed-protected.

Dogs. Who can’t say that they are not the most amazing creatures on earth-their whole life revolves around ways to please their owners, to protect them and to love them unconditionally. Best relationship one has in life, don’t you think?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hit Me with a Ton of Bricks

To broaden my vocabulary I subscribe to an email newsletter called "Word A Day."

While it has done wonders to expand my dialect, today took me by surprise, in a variety of ways. It touched my spirit and soul. Today's word and definition:


MEANING: verb tr.: Ending life for humane reasons, such as to avoid pain from an incurable condition.
ETYMOLOGY: Back-formation from euthanasia (mercy killing), from Greek eu- (good) + thanatos (death). Earliest documented use: 1931. A related word is thanatophobia (an abnormal fear of death).
USAGE: "A terminally sick humpback whale that became stranded on a beach in Western Australia two weeks ago was euthanized Thursday with an explosive charge."
Stranded, Sick Whale Euthanized With Explosives; Associated Press (New York); Sep 3, 2010.

Those of you who have read my two previous blogs know all too well that I'm very much an advocate for rescuing animals from shelters and rescue groups. Personally, my husband Wes and I have four, and if we had the time, space and means, we would have more. Why?

Straight hard facts. 5-6 million animals each year are euthanized. Now, imagine those of us who have animals in our homes....multiply that little furry guy by 5-6 million. Makes my heart stop. The largest reason all these animals are put down is because negligent dog or cat owners didn't spend the time (or money) to spay or neuter. They wanted to pay for a vacation by selling their puppies, they wanted little Johnny to experience birth and what its like to have kittens and puppies....or the dog in heat broke free or the guy around town just was lucky enough to get that bitch during her season. Whatever the reason, it can be stopped.

Please do your part to make this unnecessary action take place.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Who Rescues Whom?

Yesterday, my husband Wes and I enjoyed being part of a tag team of drivers in helping to rescue three pups.
The three pups came from a kill shelter in GA-south of Atlanta. Their trek started early on Saturday morning and ended yesterday-safety arriving in their respective foster homes. Three started-a cocker mix (who landed in Kokomo, IN) a white GSD and a mutt of unknown variety. We took the GSD and the unknown variety to meet the last leg of the trip, and the second to the last leg of the trip. As always, we had a fleeting crush on our passengers.....especially Willow, one of the sweetest girls we have yet to come across-either as a rescue or in my pet sitting business.
Not to get on my soap box, but what I find unbelievable is, every time we do this and we tell people, people ALWAYS say "I've never heard of such a thing." People, unfortunately have no idea how many animals are euthanized each year. Want to take a guess? 5-6 million that we are aware of. People have no idea about People still seem to think that the only opportunity to rescue an animal is by going to the local shelter-but how do we educate the public to make them aware of Petfinder and the thousands of nationwide rescue groups/people/volunteers who would give up a portion of their nights, weekends and so on to get that ONE animal to a loving forever home?
Another thing I learned yesterday is the term "Foster Failure." No, that doesn't mean that we failed as fosters to care for a dog in simply means that we failed to give up the foster to someone else, keeping it for ourselves. Heck, we didn't even foster-our first ever transport is our 14 year old Jessie Mae!
So-folks. Help me spread the word. Adopt. Help. Rescue. Volunteer.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A fine nomination for a very deserving group of sitters

Our company, Wisconsin Pet Care LLC has been nominated by a variety of customers for our excellence in pet care for Business of the Year 2012. We are proud members of NAPPS, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters-a not for profit organization dedicated to advancing the skills of pet sitters and expanding consumers awareness of our trade. I've been told that a monkey can walk a dog, but a professional knows how to CARE for an animal in distress.

We are pleased as pie to be recipients of this prestigious nomination.

Keep your fingers crossed for us. We'll hear by the end of the month.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

For the Joy of Joyousness

This morning, as I took our pups to a new spot on the beach, I watched with reckless abandon the sheer joy of running and playing, and not having a care in the world.
How wonderful it would be to live in the moment-focus on what is important at THAT second and not be worrying about what could happen, should happen or will happen that day. If I could live a few minutes in that young, lively body-propelled by sheer joyousness....what would that feel like?